Casing Centralizer Purpose

Why use casing centralizer?

  Centraliser is widely used in oilfield, so there are many types of centralizers oil and gas,centralizers drilling, tubing centralizer, water well casing centralizers, oil well casing centralizers. casing pipe centralizers.

What is the function of casing centralizer in wellbore

  The casing centralizer is a cementing product. A centralizer can make sure the quality of drilling and cementing.Its advantages is simple manufacture, good structure, durable, righting force, to overcome the shortcomings of the original welding type centralizer easy sealing off, is to ensure a centralizer drilling cementing quality.


  Casing centralization is one of the key elements to ensure the quality of a cementing job by preventing mud channeling and poor zonal isolation. The function of the casing drilling centralizer is to ensure that the casing is moderate in the borehole, and that the cement between the casing and the shaft wall is firmly

  A centralizer is a cage-like steel apparatus which is attached to the casing string as it is being lowered into the hole after drilling has reached total depth and the drill string withdrawn. The centralizers are attached to every third or fourth thread joint knuckle and serve to keep the casing from resting against the edge of the borehole. This allows the casing string to be cemented to the borehole without any ‘thin’ cement areas. The cement bonds the casing to the borehole and prevents fluid from being pushed up the borehole, pressurizing the annulus and contaminating upper level strata and aquifers.

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