Cement Head Types

How Many types of Cement Head?

Cement Head is a special tool for cement slurry injection and release plug. It is connected between the upper end of the casing string (or tail pipe column) and the cementing pipe sink. As a cement head manufacturer, we would like to introduce :How many types of cement head in oilfield?

By different category,cement head types can be divided into:

1-As per the installation string: casing cement head and drill pipe cement head.

2-As per the number of plugs: single plug cement head and double plug cement head

Drill pipe cement head

Drill Pipe Cementing Head is special tools for grouting and releasing rubber plugs. The single plug cement head can be connected to the drill pipe.



Specification (in)5″5 1/2″3 1/2″2 7/8″
Overall Length (mm)1,9371,8901,654910
Manifold connection2″ Union
Length of plug container (mm)405340294
I.D. of plug container (mm)1181007252
Note: The overall lengths shown in brackets are for drill pipe cementing heads without lift joints

Casing Cement Head: single plug cement head and double plug cement head

  Casing cement head is widely used in the oilfield for cementing application, typically for pumping slurry and releasing plug. It includes single plug type, double plugs type, Multi-Plugs type, etc.


The single plug cement head and double plug cement head difference


The most hot selling cement head size is : 7″ 7 5/8〞 95/8″ 13 3/8〞casing cement head.

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