circulating head definition and types

What is circulating head meaning?

  Circulating Head definition is that A device attached to the top of drill pipe or tubing to allow pumping into the well.Also called Circulation Sub.It can be widely used as casing circulating head ,drilling circulating head , circulating head OCTG, drill string circulating head.

  As one of China circulating head manufacturers, 2 circulating head types we can provide.

1-Drilling pipe circulating Head

  • The top is female screw of DP, the ends is male screw of casing.
  • High quality alloy steel
  • Integral structure, no weld, bear higher pressure

2-Casing Circulating Head

  • The top of circulation head connects to the kelly, the bottom connects to the casing. It is used to circulate the cement slurry before cementing. Sometimes the cementing head can be replaced by lifting circulation head.
  • The top of circulation head connects to the hoses, the bottom connects to the casing.
  • Its upper end is drill pipe box or union, the nether end is casing pin. It is a crossover(X/O) with hollow inside.
  • Main body are made from AISI4145H alloy steel.


  2 7/8″IF×4″LTC(BTC), 3 1/2″IF×4 1/2″LTC(BTC) ,3 1/2″IF×5″ LTC(BTC), 4 1/2″IF×5 1/2″LTC(BTC),4 1/2″IF×7″LTC(BTC) , 4 1/2″IF×7 5/8″LTC(BTC), 4 1/2″ IF × 8 5/8″LTC(BTC), 4 1/2″IF×9 5/8″LTC(BTC), 4 1/2″IF×10 3/4″STC(BTC), 4 1/2″IF×13 3/8″STC(BTC), 4 1/2″IF×16″STC(BTC) 4 1/2″IF×18 3/8″STC(BTC),4 1/2″IF×20″ STC(BTC)

How to order?

Before order,please let us know the request:

  • The total Length
  • Type of Connection
  • The top Connection thread
  • The bottom Connection (Pin & Box) for Tubing, Casing, Drill Pipe & Tool Joint
  • Circulating Hose Connections (Male or Female Line Pipe Threads)

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