How to Choose A Reamer Shoe

How to Choose a Reamer Shoe?

This is a article for you to select the right well construction equipment (Choose a Reamer Shoe) for your down hole needs.

In this article. we would like to talk to you about reamer shoes. And the reason we use them and the variety you can choose from for your operations.


We would like to discuss with you why you want to use a reamer shoe in the first place?

Reamer shoes can help you overcome well bore obstructions and guide your casing or liner to total depth.In some cases reamer shoes can even get you to bottom when conventional or float shoes fail the equipment. You see here belongs to the reamer shoe family all of them can help you get past well bore obstructions. Such as open hole bridges sloughing ledges and ridges they rotating and reciprocating applications .They also have large flow directed ports for full bore coverage during cementing to prevent channeling .


But how do you choose the right one for your application ?

Let’s go through the key features of each reamer shoe and the applications.
They serve best this field-proven premium Reamer shoe has a diamond-shaped tungsten carbide cutting structure. This feature enables it to withstand extreme and challenging environments including abrasive formations. It helps remote any tight spots.

Alloy Nose

This shoe also has a standard aluminum alloy nose .The alloy nose can endure high impact loading and high set down weight. You can use it in horizontal highly deviated and re-entry wells. This technology integrates a premium reamer shoot with the free rotating eccentric guide nose.
The unique nose self orient and director casing or liner string in the path of least resistance. The self alignment eliminates the need for you to rotate the string. The reamer shoe also has carbide cutting structures on the body to cut through hard formations and tight spots. You can use it in horizontal and high angle wellbores and side tracks or re-entry wells and with heavy casing strings on rigs that can limit your ability to rotate them.

This economical reamer shoot has a compact design. It features a less aggressive cutting structure with diamond-shaped tungsten carbide integral to the body the overall design helps smooth the wellbore and minimize the disturbance of cuttings.You can use it for optimal results in medium hard and unstable formations and for applications with moderate well bore cleanup

It works well in various well types including highly deviated inclined dogleg vertical and horizontal wells. This technology combines a premium reamer shoe with the casing bit for casing and liner reaming applications.
The long tapered and bladed concentric nose along with the long length of the gauges help to avoid side tracking in soft formations. With interchangeable nozzles made of ceramic and copper.

You can enhance hole and blade cleaning as well as adjust the total flow area on site.This reamer shoe is especially advantageous in wells with long severely under sized holes. I hope that you have found this overview beneficial to your reamer shoe selection process. If you’d like more information please visit our website or call us.


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