Steps for cementing

 What is the Steps for cementing

  Step 1:Casing

  The casing is different from the drill pipe. It is a one-time pipe that is not required to be thickened. The length is not strictly regulated. In order to ensure the cementing quality and smoothly enter the casing, the structural design of the casing string is to be carried out. according to Use, formation prediction pressure and casing penetration depth Design the strength of the casing, determine the wall thickness of the casing, steel grade and thread type.

  Step 2: Cementing

  Cement injection is a key process after casing entering the well. Its function is to seal the annular space of the casing and the well wall to seal the oil and gas water layer, so that the casing becomes a passage for oil and gas to pass into the well.

  Step 3: Wellhead installation and casing pressure test

  After the casing is cemented, the wellhead is installed during the solidification of the cement. The top end of the surface casing is to be the casing of the casing head. The top end of each layer of casing is hung in the casing head, and the casing head is mainly used to support

  The weight of the technical casing and the casing of the oil layer is particularly important for the cementing of the cement to return to the ground. The casing head is also used to seal the annular space between the casings to prevent pressure build-up. Casing head or blowout preventer, oil

  The transitional connection of the tube head. There are also two side ports on the casing head for use on the land to replenish cement and monitor well conditions. Note the operation of balance liquid.

  Step 4: Check cementing quality

  After installing the casing head and connecting the blowout preventer and the blowout preventer line, the pressure resistance check of the casing head seal and the seal pressure test connected with the blowout preventer are required. After testing the cement plug in the casing, the pressure test of the casing string should be carried out. After drilling through the casing shoes for 2~3 meters (technical casing), the ground fracture test should be carried out.

  The production well should be tested for the quality of the cement ring, and the sound wave should be used to detect the cementation of the cement ring and the casing and the borehole wall. After all the indicators of cementing quality are qualified, the next operating procedure can be entered.

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