Types of Casing CENTRALIZER

How Many Types of Casing Centralizers?

Casing centralizer,as a cementing tool, is widely used in oil gas filed and industry.Mainly,there are 3 types of casing centralizer.they are: Bow Spring centralizer, Rigid centralizer and Semi-rigid centralizer.

Casing Centralizers Types

As per structure of the righting strip,the elastic centralizer can be divided into single bow centralizer and a double bow centralizer.

The Rigid centralizer can be divided into ordinary rigid centralizer and roller rigid centralizer.


Ordinary rigid centralizer


Roller rigid centralize

As one of china casing centralizer manufacturers and Suppliers,we can produce it as per client’s casing centralizer design.or Provide us the casing centralizer specification,then we design it for you.

Our Casing centralizer types catalog list as below:

The Solid Rigid Centralizers types list The Bow Spring Centralizers types list
1. Straight Vane Steel Solid Rigid Centralizer1.Bow Springs Centralizer-PC Type
2. Spiral Vane Steel Solid Rigid Centralizer 2.Slip on Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer
3.Straight Vane Casing Roller Centralizer 3.Hinged Non Welded Bow Spring Casing Centralizer
4.Spiral Vane Roller Steel Solid Rigid Centralizer 4.Hinged Non Welded Positive Casing Centralizer
5.Straight Vane Composite Casing Centralizer 5. Hinged Non Welded Semi Rigid Bow Spring Centralizer
6.Spiral Vane Composite Centralizer 6. Hinged Non Welded Stainless Steel Bow Spring Centralizer
7. Spiral Vane Roller Composite Centralizer  7.Hinged Welded Bow Spring Centralizer (welded casing centralizer)
8.Straight Vane Aluminium Solid Rigid Centralizer 8.Hinged Non Welded Bow Spring Turbolizer
9.Spiral Vane Aluminium Solid Rigid Centralizer 9.Slip On Welded Positive Casing Centralizer
10.Slip On Stand Off Band Centralizer 10.Slip On Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
11.Slip On Welded Positive Spirolizer 11.Slip On Semi-Rigid Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
12.Slip On Welded Straight Cage Rigid Centralizer 12.Slip On Welded Bow Spring Turbolizer

As the casing centralizer materials, we also have plastic casing centralizers,such as PVC casing centralizer,PP casing centralizer.solid body casing centralizers

  Made in PVC, used with micro piles, anchors and bolts to put them perfectly in the middle of the hole, making the cement injection is more homogeneous. PP Plastic centralizer with the character of low friction, when moving in the down hole with small friction, wear resistance, low torque, low density, rugged, mechanical properties remain stable at -40°C to 220°C. Polyester polymer material is also highly resistant to corrosion and insulation performance, it is suitable for a variety of complex well conditions.

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