Used 40T XJ250 Workover Rig

USED WORKOVER RIG XJ250 40T for sale

XJ250 40T self-propeller Workover Rig is a special facility for oil field.

  • Design rated hook load is 400Kn(88185lbs),
  • The Max. hook load is 700Kn(150000lbs),
  • Servicing depth is 3200m(10667ft) (φ2 7/8″EUE tubing ),
  • Carrier driving type: 8X4,Strong frame is made of wing span sectional material.
  • Power package will be adopted Caterpillar diesel engine and Allison transmission.
  • The engine power is transmitted to PTO and from PTO either to working unit or to carrier driving shaft.
  • PTO power upper output: through propeller shaft transmit to angle gear box, to chain, to bailing drum. Using clutch can be completed bailing and swabbing work. The power of bailing drum has be transmitted to main drum by chain and clutch; using clutch can be completed hoisting work.

The is a used xj250 workover rig for sale,welcome contact for technical parameter and price.

 1. Technical Requirement Design Technical Standard

  GB/T24263-2009 Petroleum drilling weight table

  JB/T 9088-2013 Reciprocating pump impurity

  GB-T 9234-1997 Motor reciprocating pump

  API Spec 4F Specification for Drilling and Well Servicing Structures

  API Spec Q1 Specification for Quality Programs for the Petroleum and Natural Gas

  API Spec 8C Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment

  API Spec 7K Specification for Drilling and Well Servicing Equipment

  API Spec 7 Specification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements

  API Spec 9A Specification for wire line

  Quality system certification: According to the ISO9001 Quality System to control the design and manufacturing process quality.

 2. Main Specification for Equipment

  Servicing Depth: 3200m(φ2 7/8″EUE tubing)

  Drilling Depth: 1250m(4-1/2” Drill pipe)

  Rated Hook Load: 400kN(88185lbs)

  Max. Static Hook Load: 700Kn(150000lbs)

  Rated Power of Engine: 287Kw(385hp)

  Derrick Height (net height):21m(70ft)

  Rod hanger Height: 15m(5ft)

  Traveling System: 3×2.

  Carrier Driving Type: 6×4

  Diameter of Wire Line: φ22mm(1″).

  Overall Dimension for moving: 10×2.6×4.4m(41.7X8.7X14.7ft)

  Max. Speed of Carrier: 55km/h (limit speed: 45km/h)

  Return Diameter of Carrier: 34m(113.3ft)

  Total Weight for moving: 33000kg


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