What is a cement head?


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Cement head definition: It is connected between the upper end of the casing string (or tail pipe column) and the cementing pipe sink. The inside can accommodate the solid rubber plug, which is used to complete the wellhead device for cementing operation.

CEMENTing HEAD Function:

Let it complete the construction process such as circulation, injection isolation liquid, grouting cement, release rubber plug and slurry, etc. It is the general hub of the consolidation and grounding pipe wellhead. To withstand high pressure, adapt to a variety of process cementing. When the floating hoop floating shoes fail, the rolling can be achieved and the cement slurry can be prevented from flowing backwards.


According to the installation string, it can be divided into casing cement head and tail pipe cement head.

According to the number of plugs, it can be divided into single plug cement head and double plug cement head.



Mainly consists of body, end cover, stop pin, Union, manifold, quick connector, etc.

Related Product—- Cementing Plug

CEMENTING PLUG definition: a rubber product used to isolate different liquids in a cementing operation.


Separate different liquids and scrape the drilling fluid or cement slurry on the inner wall of the casing. When the collision is completed, a pressure signal is given to indicate that the consolidation operation is completed. It ensures the length of the cement plug in the casing and the quality of the cement ring of the casing shoe attachment.


According to the usage, it can be divided into cementing plug on the casing, cementing plug under the cementing plug, self-locking cementing plug, cementing plug at the tail pipe, cementing plug for classification and cementing plug, anti-rotation cementing plug

Cementing plug structure

Cementing plug structure: it consists of a core, a rubber bowl and a ply. The rubber plug core is made of pig iron, cast aluminum, glass steel or hard rubber, etc., which is made of rubber, and then vulcanized into the inner core body to form a rubber plug. Most of them are now made of aluminum.



  • Q: Can the cement head be removed immediately after construction?
  • A: No, you must follow the instructions of the technician and vent the pressure before disassembling.
  • Q: When the cement head is installed, can the cement head connecting the thread buckle be worn and then remove the lifting belt?
  • A: When the cement head is installed, the cement head connecting thread can not be worn, then the lifting belt is removed, and the thread must be full.
  • Q: Can the cement head thread of the low pressure not be tightened?
  • A: No, the cement head thread must be tightened.
  • Q: How big or larger the cement head is required to be transported by truck
  • A: Cement heads above 244mm are required to be transported by truck.
  • Q: Do you need a tow rope when hanging the cement head on the drill floor?
  • A: Need
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