what is a liner hanger

What is a liner hanger?

Liner hanger Definition:

  Liner Hanger is a tool or system in oilfield development. It is used to hang a liner in a production oil and gas. Liner is similar to casing, but it is not run to the full depth of the well, as casing.Liner hangers systems could be mechanical or hydraulic, premium or standard, rotating or non-rotating, conventional or expandable and pocket slip.


What is the purpose of using “liner hangers” in the oil and gas sector?

  We use liner hangers to fix liners in place. The feature that distinguishes a liner from a regular casing column is that it starts not at the top of the well, but at some point below ground (usually deeper than 1000m).

  The purpose of the liner hanger, aside from the structural well construction purpose already answered, is to isolate flow up inside of the liner rather than the annular space which would contribute in the event no liner hanger were set.

  A liner hanger running tool includes improvements to the running tool release mechanism, the packoff bushing, and the packer setting assembly.

The liner hanger types we can supply:

 Mechanical Liner Hanger and Hydraulic Liner Hanger (Casing liner hanger, Expandable liner hanger )

Liner hanger setting procedure

  A method is provided for reliably releasing a running tool from a liner hanger for allowing stabbing of the running tool packoff bushing into the top of the liner hanger, and for reliably setting the radial set packer element.

  The port closure member is movable with a tubular body from a port isolation position to an open port position.

  The tool includes an annular seal assembly and a substantially conical wedge ring having an outer surface configured to radially expand the annular seal assembly.

  A ball is lowered into a diverter and thus guided into a pocket in one side thereof to permit passage of a pump down plug into a lower wiper plug .

  A slip assembly carried about a liner for lowering into a wellbore includes a C-ring , which expands to cause its teeth to engage with the wellbore.

  A plug holder sub temporarily supports a liner wiper plug, so that a pump down plug may land in the liner wiper plug and be supported from a generally tubular body of the plug holder sub.

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