What is the method of cementing?

 Method of cementing

  1.Inner pipe column cementing

  Insert the plug connected to the drill string into the sealed socket of the casing float hoop or floating shoe, and inject the cement through the drill string for cementing operation, which is called inner pipe column cementing. Inner pipe column cementing is mainly used for large sizes

  Cementing of (16″~30″) conduits or surface casings.

  2. Single-stage double rubber plug cementing

  First, after casing to the predetermined well depth, the cement head, rubber plug (top plug and bottom plug) are installed, the cement is circulated, the spacer liquid is applied, the bottom plug is injected, the cement slurry is injected, and then the plug is topped to start the mud. The bottom plug falls on

  The float hoop was penetrated. The top bottom plug is pressed and the cementing is finished.

  3. drilling liner cementing

  The drilling liner cementing is to use the drill pipe to send the tail pipe to the suspension design depth, and then suspend the tail pipe on the outer casing through the tail pipe hanger, firstly, the tail pipe hanger is set, and then the cement injection and the drill pipe glue are started. Plug

  Replacement, drill pipe rubber plug cut the tail pipe rubber plug and coincide with the tail pipe rubber plug, down to the ball seat to press, cementing is over.

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