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  The casing cement head with double plugs (called as cement-head ) is a common cementing tool used as wellhead unit in all kinds of cementing operation. Comparing to cement head with single plug, it owns longer cement-head body , and upper rubber plug and lower rubber plug can be put in at same time.

  The tool owns some advantages such as simple construction, easy operation, high pressure resistant, manifold in common use, flexible in connecting. Especially, the lever type indicator can shows whether rubber plug goes through double plugs cement-head to enter casing so that operator can determine easily.


  • 1.Easy to operate, safe and reliable
  • 2.All series the cement head, suitable for all cementing programs.


  • Connect casing string and cementing manifold


1—According to the gearing thread, there are two kinds cement heads: drill pipe cement head and casing cement head. The former connects with the drilling sended at the well head, the latter connects with the casing.

2—According to the usage, there are two kinds: single plug cement head and twin plugs cement head.

Technical Parameters


SpecificationID (mm)Length of Plug Container
Working Pressure
5 1/2″ 121 300 35 2″Union
7″ 154 350 35 2″Union
7 5/8″ 168 350 35 2″Union
9 5/8″ 225 350 35 2″Union
10 3/4″ 250 350 35 2″Union
13 3/8″ 316 350 35 2″Union

Casing Cement Head with Double Plug Technical specification and parameter.

Size139.7(5  1/2″)177.8(7″)244.5(9  5/8″)339.7(13  3/8″)
Max.working pressure35Mpa35Mpa35Mpa20Mpa
Casing coupling thread5  1/2″ LTC/BTC7″ LTC/BTC9  5/8″ LTC/BTC13  3/8″LTC/BTC
Manifold interface2″ union2″ union2″ union2″union
ID of plug container (mm)125 160225320
Length of plug container (mm)450460560560
Overall length1886197217012210

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