Casing Centralizer

Casing Centralizers


Casing centralizer meaning is a mechanical device or cementing tool,installed outside the casing string secured around the casing at various locations to keep the casing from contacting the well bore walls, acts as a righting sleeve in the well bore.


  • Strengthen the casing, keep the casing centered, and ensure that the annuls cement ring is evenly distributed. 
  • Prevent the casing from sticking in the high permeability formation, ensuring the smooth entry of the casing.
  • Reduce casing penetration and resistance, reduce casing wear, scrape off loose mud cakes, and improve cement and formation quality.

Casing Centralizer Types:

  •   As per action form, it can be divided into Bow Spring casing centralizer, rigid casing centralizer and semi-rigid centralizer.
  •   As per structure of the righting strip,the elastic centralizer can be divided into single bow centralizer and a double bow centralizer.
  •   The rigid casing centralizer can be divided into ordinary rigid centralizer and roller rigid centralizer.

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