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We are a Cement Swivel Manufacturer and supplier with API certificate.

A cementing swivel includes an outer stationary member having a cement port, an inner rotating member with a bore therethrough, and a torque indicating member coupled to the outer stationary member and configured to provide a visual indication that a predetermined torque load has been reached.


Maximum tension load250 ton
Maximum working pressure10000 psi
Tool Torque32 000 lb
Maximum pumping rate15 bpm (2”) + more
Swivel Weight816lb
Top connectionIF BOX
Bottom connectionIF PIN

Cement Swivel Image

The half finished cement swivel.Ready for painting

Where pumping cement through the top drive is to be avoided, the Cement Swivel provides a means to introduce cement below the top drive and provides the option to rotate the casing string during cementing if desired. The cement swivel allows cement to be pumped in through one, or both, of its dual side-entry ports and offers a 10,000 psi pressure rating. With no welded joints and a robust seal design, the cement swivel offers a long wear life and reduced maintenance requirements due in part to its self-cleaning internal geometry.

Our cement swivel connects in-line with the top drive quill and allows for fluid to be pumped down a casing string through two side-entry ports.
Fluid can be pumped through the tool while maintaining the ability to rotate and reciprocate the casing string, improving the integrity of the cement job.
The Cement Swivel circumvents the need to pump cement through the top drive, eliminating the risk of cement setting in the top drive components when operated in-line with a Kelly Valve (or similar).

This tool is compatible with, and carries similar designed ratings to line of Casing Running Tools with Internal Grip (CRTeTM).

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