Double Plug Cement Head

Double Plug Cement Head

  The Double Plug Cement Head is a wellhead equipment. It has two plug containers and it is used for double plug cementing and two stage cementing operation.Double plugs cementing head is special tool for pumping slurry and releasing plug.It can couple with two plugs simultaneously,and makes the drilling fluid fill into casing in turn and quickly.This can simplify the cementing operation, prevent cement pollution.


  • 1.Indicates when the top plug passes into the casing. 
  • 2.Having manifold with lo-torque plug valve. 
  • 3.Provides continuous operation. 
  • 4. The plug container holds one or two plugs, the top plug and the bottom plug. The double plug container has a three in-torque valve manifold and two plunger assembly. 
  • 5. The length of plug containers are made to accommodate the standard length of plugs. 
  • 6.The cap is available with ACME thread and with lifting chain for lifting the plug container.
  • 7.Single or Double Plug chamber is available. 

Technical Parameters

The double plug cement head specification:

Specifications (in)Φ139.7Φ177.8Φ193 .7Φ244.5Φ273Φ339.7
Specifications (in)(5½”)(7″)(7⅝”)(9⅝”)(10¾”)(13⅜”)
Overall-Length (mm)195020202020236023602440
Manifold 2″ 1502 Union2″ 1502 Union2″ 1502 Union2″ 1502 Union2″ 1502 Union2″ 1502 Union
I.D. of Plug Container, mmΦ125 Φ160Φ175Φ225Φ250Φ320
Length of Plug Container,mm400450450550550600
Working Pressure, MPa35,5035,5035,5035,50 3521

Double Plug Cement Head Diagram


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Double plug cement head
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