Inflatable Packers

Inflatable Packers

  Definition:A packer is an expandable plug used to isolate sections in a well or borehole. we manufacture inflatable packers for a variety of applications, including pumping, injection, hydro-fracturing, grouting, flow control, testing, and sampling.


The inflatable packer advantages:

  •   High pressure rating and expansion ratio.
  •   Minimal outside diameter and large interior diameter.
  •   Long sealing section that conforms to uneven sides in a borehole.
  •   Our packers are available for:
  •   1)Borehole sizes ranging from 2″ to 30″ (50 to 760 mm).
  •   2)Pressure ranges from 50 to 10,000 psi (3 to 700 bar).

Inflatable Packer Specifications

  • Uninflated O.D.:Outside diameter of the packer at rest, which must always be smaller than the hole size for which it will be used. Sizes are available from 1 to 16 inches and larger on special order.
  • Maximum Inflated O.D.:Outside diameter of the packer upon inflation, Sizes are available for 1-1/4 to 40 inch and larger hole sizes.
  • Borehole Differential Pressure:Difference between the test zone pressure below and the borehole pressure above the packer, i.e. drawdown or injection pressure.
  • Packer Inflation Pressure,Sum of the three pressures necessary
  •   1) to match the water pressure above the packer (submergence pressure),
  •   2) to stretch the rubber element out to the borehole,
  •   3) to seat the packer firmly enough against the well hole to prevent any movement caused by the borehole differential pressure.
  • Uninflated Rubber Element Length

  Affects the “holding power” and sealing ability of the packer. A longer element has more rubber contact against the hole and provides a larger frictional force to support a larger borehole differential pressure.

Inflatable Packer Structure

  •   Pipe Mandrel:Pipe base upon which the packer is built. The pipe’s inside diameter provides the space necessary for tubes, wires, hoses, or other feed-throughs and pumping injection access. Pipe sizes range from 3/8 to 10 inch and larger.
  •   Reinforced Rubber Element:Outer covering that is mounted on the mandrel and inflated to change the packer’s outer diameter. Standard elements are constructed of natural rubber with high-strength reinforcing such as Kevlar (DuPont). After the element seals against the borehole, fluids can only move from one end of the packer to the other via pumping through its center.
  •   Inflation Point:Fitting on end of packer that allows oil and gas, water or a solidifying liquid to enter between the element and mandrel to expand the rubber.
  •   Connectors

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