What is a Packer

What is a Packer?

  Definition: The packer is a standard device of oil or gas well completion hardware used to provide a seal between the outside of the production tubing and the casing, liner or interior of the well bore wall.


  In the oil recovery project, the packer is used for stratification, and the oil collector is designed on the packer. When the seal is set, the piston sleeve is up and the oil production passage is opened. After the seal is placed, the upper layer pressure acts on the balance piston and pushes the rubber cylinder upward. The unsealing pin is protected from shearing force; when unsealing, the pin is cut off by the friction of the rubber tube and the sleeve, and the piston sleeve is descended to close the oil production passage.

By shorten the length and diameter of the rubber cylinder via external force, to seal the oil and the annular space. to separates the oil (gas, water) layer above and below the packer. achieving stratification test of oil and water wells, layered oil recovery, Layered water injection, stratified transformation and sealing of water layers


  The water block construction process of the oil well packer is reduced, the non-pressure well can be conveniently discharged, and the high pressure can be applied in both directions, and the service life is long.


It is widely used in drilling, cementing, testing, completion and other operations. It is also used in downhole oil operations.


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